1911 or the Glock. Will the debate ever end?


Which is the best?  Glock or 1911?

The answer…yes.

The answer to the modern world’s greatest question lies in an ongoing debate that will probably only rival “Ford vs Chevy” and “9mm or .45?”  Which is the best; the venerable 100 year old battle tested 1911 or Gaston’s plastic fantastic?

The answer simply depends on what your means and motives are for picking a firearm, assuming self defense is your primary reason.  Do you want an out of the box tool, that really doesn’t look like much but “drives the nail” every time or do you want a piece of handcrafted art, that when you punch the throttle goes zero to ninety-nine in .02 seconds flat?

That, essentially, is the dilemma. That is the debate.  That is the one hurdle that nobody can seem to agree on.

Is your pistol of choice just a tool or is it also something to be admired?  Yes.  Also, yes.

There are many factors that make each platform the weapon it is today and they are both, good and bad, the most popular pistol platforms if not on the planet, at least in the good ol’ United States.  Every argument for one versus the other is a good one except maybe if you’re trying to convince somebody the Glock is also pretty.  In that case, you might want to get your head checked, however, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…I guess.

First, we will take a look at the 1911.  We will see why it is such a good platform to use, how it can and should be used, why some are more reliable than others, and how to keep your running.  Keep in mind, this is not to make you say, “oh forget my Glock, I have to go get a 1911 now and only use that from now on.”  No, it is instead another tool for you to use at your discretion and perhaps give each member of each warring faction at the very least a new appreciation whether they choose to carry or use one or the other.   Stay tuned…

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