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This will be all about BEARDS!!!! Everyman capable of growing a beard should grow a beard. I mean a real beard, not neatly trimmed to a 16th of an inch to maintain the 5 o’clock shadow look, but a real, full, manly beard…..

Comparison between Beard Balm I use and some I do not. Find out why!

Difference between different brands of beard balms. some just plain suck. some are kick ass. what works for me may not work for you. but this is just my Quick .02 cents on the subject. This shows how I think a beard balm should be. Others will not agree. Feel free to comment, tell me i suck, good job, or whatever you feel. Just trying to give out beard info to maybe help someone out.

Soapalicious review

My Soapalicious review.


When does natural matter?

That depends on what you are doing.  In my case, I am talking about natural beard care products.  There has been a trend, (in case you have not noticed, of beards.  I myself have a fantastic beard going on.  I was bearded before the whole hipster beard debacle.  This is a whole other topic that I try to stay away from, but i will write about it at another time.)

There is also lots of homemade and production made beard oils and beard balms out there for a bearded fellow to choose from.  For me, I take my beard care serious.  I want only the best for my time invested beard.

That is what leads me to Soap-A-Licious.

They are a small company who makes soaps, salves, scrubs, baby care items and last but my favorite, beard balms and oils.  When I received my first tin of their balm, it surprised me.  The size of the tin was way bigger than the competitors.  My beard is big and thicker than a lot of guys due to my great genetics we have traced back to the days of the vikings, thanks to the National Geographic Gene program.

Having a thick and good length beard soaks up balms and oils.  It requires more product.  Soap-A-Licious filled the role.  There is enough in the can to last me months, and it has.

What makes it so great?

The natural ingredients.  Beards do not like harsh chemicals that are in shampoos and such.  They dry the beard of its natural oils and that in return dries out the skin and causes flaking and split ends and just overall bad beard appearance.  It applies super well with lots of coverage.  I actually used way too much the first time I used as with the others, that is what it took.  It feels solid when you first touch it, but quickly liquefies as you rub into your palms.  The coverage is really well once I brush with a 100% boars hair brush.  ( I recommend every man with a beard invest in a quality boar hair brush, it is the only kind that spreads the oils without damaging the hair.)

The scent?  Like hiking through a cedar forest.  Absolutely delightful.