Beard Balm by Mad Viking Beard Company.

Bay Rum scented beard balm to help tame the strays and keep your beard soft and smelling good. Not heavily scented. Just enough to have a pleasant aroma for a while. easy to apply, leaves very very little residue on hands. very high quality ingredients. check them out

2 thoughts on “Beard Balm by Mad Viking Beard Company.”

  1. Hi there Justin, I came across your YouTube videos last night and must say I like your honesty. We share the same passion which is beard anything. 🙂
    So far I used honest Amish and grave before shave. Both are good but I like honest Amish because of the smell and it feels better in my beard, plus it’s so soft to scoop out of the tin.
    Keep up the good work beardo brother. 🙂
    PS: I love your watch in this video (ravn beard balm) what brand is it? Thank you.

    1. Thanks man. So sorry I am just now replying. I did not get a notification showing someone posted a comment. I am all about the beard four sure. I spend lots of money on products that just do not work and do not want others to go through the same thing. there are some serious good ones and some absolute bad ones. i just want to share what i think is good and works for me. I agree. I have used and still have some honest amish. i always keep a can on my shelf. the smell is great. Mad Viking has one called Gungnir which has a similar scent. not the exact same, but has the anise/black licorice smell. i love it. Also, the Watch is from Miunuteman Watc Co. Makes watches for military and supports the military. portions of sales go to charities. its cerakoted just like you would a gun. Thanks again

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