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justin-ross-long-beard-dallas-texas-2As you can tell by the title of this page, this is a little about me, Justin Ross.  I was born circa 1982 in Dallas TX, grew up in Grand Prairie TX.

After I graduated high school, I joined the United States Army.  Went to Infantry basic training at Ft Benning th_Pic318aGA in 2001. After Basic I was assigned to HHC 1-77 Armor Battalion Mortar Platoon Divison of the good ol’ Big Red One out of Schweinfurt Germany.  I was deployed with this unit to peace time 998535_367645010031699_1031278833_noperations to Kosovo.  During that deployment is when i got do a little work with the 10th Special Forces Group.  We were picked to train them on the 120mm mortar system as it was a new requirement.  After we trained them we were assigned as the only platoon to run QRF (quick reaction force) for them in case they get ambushed and need immediate fire support or direct engagement.

After my time in Germany, I was sent back th_Pic304ato the wonderful land of Ft Benning.  I was assigned to HHC 2-69 Armor Battalion Mortar Platoon.  It was with  this unit that I was deployed to Ar Ramadi Iraq from Jan 05-Jan 06.

If you know anything about the Iraq war, th_Photo_021505_003ayou will know that the year of 2005 and the city of Ramadi, was the actual worst time and place to be during the war.  That year saw some of the most ferocious battles.  Battle for Fallujah, Ramadi and a few others all happened.  Lots of brave and fearless men lost their lives during th_oifIII007athis year.  It was also this year that I was hit by several incoming enemy mortar rounds and IED’s (improvised Explosive Device).  There are too many instances of us nearly being wiped off the face of the earth, but by the Grace of God, we all managed to make it back.

On Thanksgiving day around lunch time, myself, J. Patterson and A. Levy were in the maintenance bay tending to a vehicle that was damaged by an IED a day or so prior.  We were not supposed to be working on it as it was our turn to have a day off since we went on the last mission.  But, anyone who is in the service will know that certain people in charge have their favorites, even though we outranked all of them, they got to take our day off and we had to do their work.  Of course we were pissed but were even more pissed when an enemy mortar shell slammed through the roof, exploded, and sent shrapnel all over myself and Patterson and Levy.  I blacked out.  I remember waking up and standing up and looking down to make sure I had my legs.  My pants were tattered and had a bunch of pepper marks on them from the burning powder th_texansiniraq-1of the round and some small shrapnel.  Then I noticed that the outline of my boot was burned into the ground.  It was kinda cool.   So during this deployment we all earned our CIB Award ( Combat Infantryman’s Badge).  One of the awards that all non Infantry th_P1000020apersonnel wish they could have, but they can’t.  It proves that you were in direct firefight with enemy forces for a certain amount of time.

Well, after we returned in Jan of 06, the rest of my time in service went painless.  Lots of down time and boring mundane sweep the grass, mop the concrete, paint the dirt type stuff that really goes on in the Army while not deployed.  I ended my justin paintingtime in service with a Honorable Discharge in Feb of 2007.  I returned back to Dallas and had a hard time trying to find out what career path to follow, as being in the Infantry doesn’t leave you with too many skills needed in the modern day work force.

Eventually I decided to try out for the Dallas Police Department. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI got accepted, Graduated, won the best shooter award, and began working the streets all in 2010.  Unfortunately my injuries during Iraq reared their ugly faces and made it hard for me to do my job as a police officer.  I had to, for medical reasons, quit my job as a police officer.   I went on to technical college, received a certificate in HVAC and Refrigeration, did that for a while until that too became impossible because of my medical issues.  Forward to now I am officially medically retired a.k.a. having to deal with the VA on an ongoing basis.   The constant injury’s rehab is the hardest job I’ve had, period.  I now spend most of my time either drawing, glass bead making, viking fighting, shooting, building guns and maintaining my epic beard.

This website will show all of you who have read to this point, what I’m all about.  I will be reviewing beard products, making videos about it, doing more artwork, making leather gun holsters, epic gun reviews, working with awesome viking stuff and just leaving a little piece of my life for others to get a kick out of or maybe some useful information.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the most important part  of my life.  During all the hustle and bustle, I got married to my beautiful wife Adriana.  We now have 3 kids, Diego, Skye and our newest, Isabella. I’m not worthy!

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